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Nutrient Budgets for the Mid-Atlantic States

As part of the Mid-Atlantic Water Program, Cooperative Extension specialists and researchers at several universities have developed county- and state-level nitrogen and phosphorus nutrient budgets for agricultural cropland in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. These budgets provide the potential to improve water quality protection by supporting activities that address the lack of balance between available nutrient supplies and nutrient use by crops in a region. These nutrient budgets incorporate information updated from data sources such as the 2007 Census of Agriculture and 2007 fertilizer sales. To learn about specific cropland budgets, click on a state below.

Funding for this effort was provided by the US Department of Agriculture and the Chesapeake Research Consortium. This website is dedicated to the vision and memory of Les Lanyon, Professor of Soil Science and Management, Penn State University, and original leader of the Mid-Atlantic nutrient budget team.

Map of Mid-Atlantic states

Mid-Atlantic States:

Pennsylvania Delaware Virginia West Virginia Maryland
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